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“I Built Those”

The older woman next to me on the plane complained that it was chilly; I offered to close her little air-vent nozzle for her. She accepted, and said something else I didn’t catch. “Sorry?” “I built those.” “Really?!” “Yeah.” Apparent … Continue reading

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Dickens and Contradickens (ahem, “contradictions”)

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting by my favorite “2 dollar” book cart, at the confluence of a trumpet trio across the street, an guitar and dulcimer group down the block, and a foursome complete with upright bass singing out … Continue reading

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traveling at Thanksgiving

I love airports. Oh, the joy of wandering a crowded terminal the day before Thanksgiving! (Granted: with 2 hours to kill and no possibility of missing one’s plane.,<=) People reading, people napping, people running; people with guitar cases, laptop cases, … Continue reading

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