not math

“Exploring Music” strikes again!!
(read in a deep, melodious radio voice)

Now Emperor Joseph (?? or somebody) was getting a bit down in the polls, so he though he’d start a little war: he was going to take on the Ottoman Empire. Now, the Viennese had these neat uniforms, but the Ottomans had a very good army, and the war was a disaster. The Viennese economy tanked, and all the opera houses in Vienna closed.
This was a real drag for Mozart. The year before, in 1987, he’d had great successes, first with Le Nozze de Figaro and then with Don Giovanni. And now he was out of a job.
Mozart was rather a nervous sort; the kind of person who walks around the kitchen jingling his keys. Eventually, Constanza got fed up and she said to him, “Wolfie, you’re driving me nuts! Go compose something!” And so he went to work, and composed his last symphony.


Vague corroboration from Wikipedia:–91)  Can’t find nothing about uniforms.


Anyway… Hello!
I’m thinking of taking this down. Maybe it’s served its purpose, whatever that was.

In case you haven’t heard (haha), what I’m doing over here is math. And occasionally worrying that all this specialization may destroy my beloved generalization, rendering me a *narrow minded*, *boring person*, who can’t be bothered to think seriously about other subjects, is incapable of varied conversation, and generally of whom Shakespeare would be ashamed. Quelle horreur!

But whatever… Onward we go! Shakespeare forever! What is it about pseudoconvex domains?!

Someone recently suggested that I need a hobby. A hobby. I was at a loss. I’m thinking that the ongoing quest to produce 3-4 meals a day with a minimum of dishes probably doesn’t count. Similarly folding socks, mind-resting tv shows, Lent, and watching eagerly for my tulips. Hunh.

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