summer apartment

Sitting here this evening, life suddenly seems simple, manageable. How can this have happened?
Is there really something to the idea of a smaller, more modern, more manageable apartment?? The kitchen is clean, we get very little mail, and we have yet to need the air conditioning. (Go north-facing summer apartment!) Perhaps there is also something freeing about not having bothered to unpack a fair bit of one’s stuff.
Or is this just the magic of summer ­- no classes, no deadlines, no windchill?

Or possibly everything, everything depends on eating solid meals.
Or, possibly, I feel like I am getting even closer in to what I want to be doing with my life. I have a prayer corner and a darling little research problem, and it occurs to me that a bachelors degree in essentially how to ask good questions could turn out to be really, really useful.

Or, possibly, it’s Friday evening, and over there in Santa Fe they’re praying for me.

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