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Design, for Life

Recently, I’ve been considering the careers I didn’t try; that is, it didn’t occur to me to try. Fashion designer architect therapist Early music % musical theater (well, this did occur to me…) fashion historian cartoonist statistician In my freshly … Continue reading

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Triple Toe-Loop

I’ve been sitting in this coffee shop for 2 hours, and I’ve done 15 minutes of work. But that’s ok. I’m trying to process the history of my life and figure skating. I was a very serious competitive figure skater … Continue reading

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At a friend’s house this afternoon, I discovered a Pickling book. It is called The Joy of Pickling, and it is stately and plump and a dog has chewed off one corner. I fell for it. Pickles are a source … Continue reading

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Part II: (Refuse to go a) student-ing

Today I learned that I now hate homework with a burning fiery passion (that I didn’t know I had inside me). There comes a point, working on a homework problem, when I judge I’ve little more to gain from continuing … Continue reading

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It’s the first week of the new semester. Today I went to 3 classes, and somehow the effect was painfully oppressive. Now granted, three classes is a lot for one day – especially the extra-long T-Th classes. Last spring I … Continue reading

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Robert Devereux, a review

(Written in April; whatever.) Robert Deverux is an Italian, “Bel Canto” opera about Queen Elizabeth and a man she once loved who now, naturally, loves someone else. After discovering an opera called Norma on the radio last fall, I had … Continue reading

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the grad school manifesto

I’ve come again to the point of beyond caring. Fine, Whatever, skip it. I kind of like being here. Clearly, I am not going to make this work the ordinary way. I can’t catch the bus or legally park my car, I … Continue reading

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summer apartment

Sitting here this evening, life suddenly seems simple, manageable. How can this have happened? Is there really something to the idea of a smaller, more modern, more manageable apartment?? The kitchen is clean, we get very little mail, and we have yet to need the air conditioning. (Go north-facing summer apartment!) Perhaps there is also something freeing about not having bothered to unpack a fair bit … Continue reading

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not math

“Exploring Music” strikes again!! (read in a deep, melodious radio voice) Now Emperor Joseph (?? or somebody) was getting a bit down in the polls, so he though he’d start a little war: he was going to take on the … Continue reading

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Protected: Tales from the front

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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